Professional Golfers Taking Acai Berry on Tour

2009 LPGA Championship
2009 LPGA Championship (Photo credit: dnkbdotcom)

Professional Golfers Taking Acai Berry on Tour

In the most recent edition of Golf Digest, a number of professional golfers are being reported to use a supplement that is a combination of five Amazon superfoods including Acai Berry. The new health drink they are using and recommending to other golfers is called VaNu, a product from the Dallas based company Fountain of Life.

PGA, LPGA, And Senior Tour Players

Players Camilo Villegas and Mike Weir and the world’s greatest golf instructor David Leadbetter are the three reported users of the Acai Berry products while the company CEO claims this is only scratching the surface of the user base. Fountain of Life CEO Mark McCloskey is quoted as saying players on the PGA, the LPGA, and the Senior Tour are all taking the products and reporting back amazing results.


VaNu is a natural supplement taking twice a day that revives the body. The product contains pure organic fruits including acai, goji berry, capuacu, camu-camu, cacao, and pure vanilla. The company Fountain of Life claims the product can alleviate joint pain, reduce allergies and wrinkles, and improve focus, energy levels and sleep. Other free Acai Berry products available online also are able to provide similar benefits to their users.

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