What is the 1500 Calorie Diet?

What is the 1500 Calorie Diet?

The 1500 Calorie Diet can be termed as a low fat food chart. This diet is extremely healthy, simple and good for heart. It is an ideal diet for those people who have complete and balanced food. For a successful undertaking of this diet chart, you need to keep in mind the following simple tenets:

Essential Tenets:

Tenet 1:

You should plan the meal in advance, for example, the night prior to the particular day. You should be prepared to keep low-fat food all the time for urgent availability so that they are never substituted with high-fat foods, which are not even mentioned in the list of dishes or on the grocery catalog of the 1500-calorie diet chart. The list is as follows:

Meat or fish:

1) 28 ounces of chicken breast (white meat)

2) 15 ounces of turkey breast (white meat)

3) 35 ounces of broiled Halibut


Seven medium-sized oranges, apples and bananas


Broccoli (seven stems)


1) One cup of regular Mayo with salt

2) Seven cups of milk containing two percent fat

3) Seven tablespoons of fluid cream


1) Seven cups of white rice

2) Whole wheat bread (14 slices)

Tenet 2:

Instead of consuming three big meals as per the 1500-calorie diet chart, it is advisable to have four to six small meals all through the day.

Tenet 3:

You should take time to enjoy your meal. Don’t swallow the food in 15 minutes. That doesn’t also mean that you need to extend it for two and half hours. Just take your time and enjoy the meal regardless of the amount of time it takes to consume the meal.

Tenet 4:

You should never forget to calculate the calories consumed during the 1500-calorie diet. Healthier foodstuffs are the best food options, so make sure that you pick a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, low-calorie or fatless dairy products, whole grain cereals and low-fat meat and fish.

Tenet 5:

Consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This serves as a premium method for a dieter pursuing a low-fat meal chart accompanied by a healthy 1500-calorie diet. You can start by consuming five vegetable and fruit meals a day.

Tenet 6:

High-sugar and high-fat foodstuffs should be avoided since they contain high levels of calories. Candy bars, pastries or candies are some examples.

Dieters are required to allocate their 1500-calorie diet chart in the following method:

1) Breakfast should be of 299 calories

2) Morning snack should contain 234 calories

3) Lunch should comprise of 377.5 calories

4) Afternoon snack should be of 134 calories

5) Dinner should contain 509 calories.

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  2. Nice guide with comprehensive details on what to eat and what to watch. In my entire reading of different blogs and publications all over the net, if I will be ask what’s the most crucial element of all diet program, I would say it is the will to start a program and stick into it until some effects are achieved…

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