Choosing a High Quality Acai Juice Product

Acai juice has been raved as a super food since the first studies came out showing just how nutritious it is. The amazing concentration of antioxidants in acai, called anthocyanins, are 10 times that of red wine, indicating that acai juice is very beneficial for heart health. There is studies that show that anthocyanins are also potent anti-cancer agents too. Of course, that is not to mention that acai juice is a good source of healthy essential fatty acids, vitamin C and many minerals including calcium and copper.

Because acai juice has become such a popular health drink the problem is ensuring that we get a high quality product. Many companies have jumped on the acai juice band wagon to deliver less that satisfactory products that contain a negligible amount of the nutrition and health benefits of acai juice. So here are two of the most important things to look for to ensure you get the highest quality acai juice and the most bang for your buck.

1) Get organic acai juice. Acai juice that has the USDA organic certified label will be guaranteed to be free of harmful pesticides and other unpleasant chemicals that are used in non-organic farming methods. The USDA ensures that the “organic process” is maintained from the food producer to the food handler to the product we buy at the store.

2) Read the Ingredients thoroughly. This is important for several reasons. First, to make sure there are no harmful preservatives in the juice. Second, to make sure there is no added sugar that will negate some of the health benefits of acai juice. Third, to make sure that acai juice is the foremost ingredient in the juice. Some acai juice products out there are very misleading and claim to be “acai juice, when in fact acai is just a very small ingredient in the product. Maybe even as little as 1% of the total product! If you want 100% pure acai juice, then there should be absolutely only one ingredient on the label – acai!

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A Regular Detox Cleanse Will Help You in the Long Term

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Give yourself a good break once in a while or forever from fast food, processed food or indeed any food that is not good for the body. Try to detox cleanse on a regular basis and because this will give your body an overhaul which will give your organs a good jump start for functioning better. This is also one of the constipation remedies you can count on because one of the common cause of constipation is low fiber diet and lack of water intake. By undergoing detox cleanse, you can have good bowel movements because vegetables and fruits are one of the main ingredients to have your detoxification process, adding all that necessary fiber.

Detox Cleanse in the Beginning

How to start? First you have to do make a list of everything that you are eating, keep a diary for a couple of days. What do you eat in the morning, noon or at night? What do you have for your snacks? If you are drinking coffee you need to change it into something else. Having herbal tea, white tea or green tea instead can give you antioxidants same as coffee. To break your usual morning coffee, you need to just do it for seven days for it to be your new routine. It will be really hard for some especially if you have been drinking coffee for years but thinking of the years ahead of you can give you a kick to pursue this change.

There Is No Real Rush, Take Things Easy

You can also try to have a slow change by reducing your usual intake of coffee, junk food or processed meat until it is gone on your grocery list. Planning your grocery list ahead of time can give you a bigger view on what you are to eat for the week. Sometimes when you just get what you want in the market, without planning, you end up wasting food and buying the usual unhealthy foodstuffs for your weekly shop. Your grocery list should go with your goal of detox cleansing. You need to see to it that every week you are purchasing less and less junk food in your list.

A Healthy Lifestyle Should Be Your End Goal

Cleansing can give you an inspiration to give up unnecessary food intake and end up living your life better. If you are too busy to prepare and ended up cooking processed meat the whole day. It may be tough but you need to find time to prepare your food by changing it to fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. There are also vegetable salads that are already prepared in the supermarket that you can try. Many restaurants that have fresh salads on their menu offer an online ordering delivery service that you can try.

There are many ways to detox cleanse, all you need is the drive to make it happen.  We all need cleansing especially when getting older. Though starting young is more desirable as the benefits of it can be attained to the fullest. But it is never too late to start it now regardless of age.

Making Time to Exercise

Making Time to Exercise

You think you are busy enough and you don’t have time for exercise. If you think so, you are not doing justice to yourself. There is always a time, if you want to do so. In between your work, home, kids you could manage time and take out time to devote to yourself.

Time management is essential aspect that helps you to keep your body in shape and help you to manage everything in a proper manner. Time management is a skill. You can easily find out about 30 minutes of the day when you are doing no productive work, say you wasted it waiting for a client. You can use such spare time for yourself.

This spare time can be used to do exercises and make yourself healthy. And if these 30 minutes doesn’t come everyday but as you are aware of the fact that you are supposed to get that time when you have no work. You can use that free time for your exercise.

Always prefer doing the exercise that you like the most, it may be anything. Don’t do the exercise which is not your favorite. After making a choice you must be excited to do it, might be early in the morning. If you have started doing, make it a regular habit and you can observe the results very soon. Never think that the much time you spend the better result you will get, if you are doing it for 15 minutes, it is fine.

Select an exercise which you can do anywhere. Suppose if you like to walk, keep a pair of joggers in your car and use them when you want to.

The exercise helps to increase your fitness level and if you do exercise for a short time, that works much better and keeps you fit. So, if you have only 10 minutes when you are free, spend this time for exercise. There are few exercises like running fast, dancing on a fast paced music that you would always envoy doing.

Take out time for exercise, as it very important for your health. Try to make out time from your busy schedule and devote that time for exercise. Once you are decided, you can surely do it and find yourself in a good health.