Curing the Common Cold

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The common cold or the viral upper respiratory tract infection is perhaps one of the most common infections. It is a viral infection that affects your nose and throat. There are several viruses that can cause a cold, but the usual symptom is a running nose. This happens to be one of the most contagious diseases amongst humans, but it does not last for a long time. The common cold will get out of the system within a week or ten days. The disease is spread by direct contact, from one person to another. For example – If a person has sneezed and another person touches the secretion, there is a chance of developing the disease. The virus can spread via objects that the infected person has touched or used as well, such as, pen, keyboard, mobile, plates, cups or spoons. Usually children are more prone to developing a cold than adults. This is because they can easily get infected with the virus. Since the cold can be a frequent occurrence for many, it is important to avoid and cure it as much as possible. This article will help you understand the causes and symptoms of cold, and also give you tips on how to cure a cold.

Causes of common cold –

There are several viruses that cause cold, but usually they all have similar symptoms. The most common viruses that cause cold include –


The usual symptoms of this disease are –

3.Stuffy nose

Since there are several viruses that can cause a cold, the symptoms can differ slightly. A common misconception is that cold weather causes this condition. This is not true, the common cold can occur at any time of the year.

Avoiding the cold –

Complete immunization against the cold is not easy, but a person can stop the cold from increasing, and make the situation more comfortable. It is not possible to get rid of all the conditions, as there is no specific medication to cure them all. It is practically impossible to cure a cold, but there are several remedies to make use of.

There are certain steps one can take to avoid the common cold –

1.Wash your hands thoroughly as often as possible. This is beneficial because washing the hands with soap will kill any bacteria, germs or viruses and reduce the idea of you contracting the disease.
2.Vitamin supplements can also be taken to improve the body’s immune system. Vitamin D and C are effective for this purpose.
3.Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help make your body stronger, and your immune system more effective.

How to cure a cold –

Once you have contracted the cold, there are a few things you can do to reduce the symptoms.

1.Drink lots of fluids, as it is important to keep yourself hydrated.
2.Taking rest is also essential, as it will help you to recover faster.
3.Avoiding heavy, cold or spicy food is also a good idea, as this gives more work for your body.

Keeping Fit This Winter

Keeping fit in the winter is arguably a lot harder than in the summer and this is down to the obstacles that you face when it comes to the winter. Don’t think that there are any obstacles out there? Let me explain this in a bit more detail and you will see that you are quite wrong.

The Weather

It would seem that going outside in the summer and having a jog down a nice beach route is one thing but stepping out in the freezing cold with rain pouring down when it is also pitch black is something else. You can certainly understand why people would not want to step out and run in weather like this. You can already see why people are not too bothered about going out for a run in the winter but what about exercising indoors?

Indoor Exercise

Although this sounds like it wouldn’t be any different to the summer you will find that because of days like Halloween, Thanksgiving (in the US of course) and Christmas it becomes difficult to actually lose any weight and it is because these holidays throw food at us and demand that we eat a lot of it too. In the UK you have Guy Fawkes Night added to this list too and there is a lot of food consumed on this night usually.

How Can You Beat It?

Just because exercising in the winter is tough it does not mean that you cannot do it and keep in shape and the one piece of advice I would give is to keep at your normal regime as much as possible as this will ensure you are not putting on any weight.

Go To Gaming?

Don’t forget games like Wii Fit and the games that have just recently come out for Kinect that are based around Fitness as these can really get the hearth pumping and can contribute massively to you keeping your personal goal this winter.

The main point to take away from this is that if you keep at it, even if you change your regime slightly you will stay on top of things.

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Eating the Seasons: The Best of Autumn

Eating the Seasons: The Best of Autumn

When you think of autumnal foodie delights, do you automatically think of Halloween sweets or fun fair toffee apples? These may be the treats we remember from our childhood, but there are many other autumn delicacies to try; and luckily they can be healthy choices too!


Halloween may be well noted for its association with oodles of sweet things, but pumpkins are also plentiful around this period. Most of us tend to simply carve them out and throw away all of the innards, leaving an empty shell used for a scary decoration. However, pumpkins can also be used as a nutritional source in your diet. Containing vitamins A and C[1], pumpkins are delicious as well. Think along the lines of curries, soup, ravioli, or even pumpkin muffins.


The solid exterior of the Butternut Squash hides a delicious orange flesh which makes for a great autumnal side dish. Bake it, mash it, or cube it and add to pasta, risottos or stews. Whichever method you choose, the sweet and firm veggie adds flavour and texture and is packed with nutrition. High in vitamin A, Squash also contains vitamins C, E and B6[2].


Add a pop of colour into your autumn salads with the peppery tasting radish. Juicy, crunchy and fresh, radishes are available from May to the beginning of October.

Apples and Blackberries

Working beautifully together, apple and blackberries are a healthy, sweet and tasty autumnal treat. Why not try your hand at a classic British dish with a twist: an apple pie with blackberries? You’ll be getting good amounts of vitamin C, plus antioxidants from the blackberries which may help to fight the affects of cell-damaging free radical particles on the body[3].

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6 Celebs Who Actually Got Addiction Help (And Stayed Sober Afterwards)

6 Celebs Who Actually Got Addiction Help (And Stayed Sober Afterwards)

There are very addictive substance among us everyday. How we stay sober is completely up to us. Many societies here in the US and over seas are facing severe drug addiction issues as we speak. For example, many of us are familiar with the 2 year old toddler who smokes 40 cigarettes a day in Indonesia, the world’s third-largest tobacco consumer.

As incredibly hard as it is to overcome most drug addictions, there are some familiar faces on television who have shared their stories. For those who reside in the lime light, it is very easy to get caught up in drugs and alcohol, and in some cases it has cost them their lives. For example, the well loved, Heath Ledger, known for his astonishing performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

As influential as it can be in Hollywood, here are some stars that have over come drug addiction.

The infamous Robin Williams, starring in tons of amazing films and maniac comedian, once had a cocaine addiction. Already at the start of his career he was a “cokehead” and addicted to many other drugs as well. Robin’s wake up call came as a shock as fellow comedian, John Belushi, die of an drug over dosed. It was then that Robin checked himself into a drug rehab center to clean his “act” up.

The sexy Angelina Jolie, yes Tomb Raider, had a serious drug addiction. In a 1998 interview, she openly admitted to abusing cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, LSD and other drugs. Since then she has had amazing success receiving an Oscar, becoming a mother of 6, and becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, no thanks to drugs or alcohol.

Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man has put up a struggle when it came to drugs at the age of 6. It was no help to his family as they influenced his drug using at an early age. At the age of 22 he developed a serious addiction to drugs like cocaine, heroin and other drugs. From 1992 to 2002 Mr. Downey was in and out of rehab and prison. Since his release in 2002 he has been riding the wave of what could be the most amazing Hollywood comebacks of all time.

Talk show host Opera Winfrey, while admitted on national television she smoke crack cocaine she claims it was never an addiction. But on the other hand, a former boyfriend published a tell-all novel that shares her cocaine addiction in the 1980’s. However, being one of the most successful talk show hosts to date she has remained clean ever since.

Mr. Charlie Sheen, known best for his comic character on Two and a Half men, has been in the news lately for physical abuse. Once named “the machine” by his friends for his insatiable appetite for drugs, alcohol and women, he is now one of the highest paid actors on TV. Rehab saved his life after his father forced him in front of a judge after overdosing on cocaine.

Seen on TV ads for Cover Girl no a days, Drew Berrymore, once had a rebel side. She was smoking cigarettes at the age of 9, an alcoholic at 11, pot head at age 12 and cocaine addict by 13. During this time she visited rehab twice and even attempted suicide. Since then she has become her own producer in films such as 50 first dates, Charlie’s Angels. Quite a turnaround for a woman with a childhood as messed up as hers.

Now if only Lindsey Lohan had such will power, well she would still be a terrible actress, but she would still be a better person. Addiction help has saved thousands of lives, don’t be a statistic, be a survivor.