Eating the Seasons: The Best of Autumn

Eating the Seasons: The Best of Autumn

When you think of autumnal foodie delights, do you automatically think of Halloween sweets or fun fair toffee apples? These may be the treats we remember from our childhood, but there are many other autumn delicacies to try; and luckily they can be healthy choices too!


Halloween may be well noted for its association with oodles of sweet things, but pumpkins are also plentiful around this period. Most of us tend to simply carve them out and throw away all of the innards, leaving an empty shell used for a scary decoration. However, pumpkins can also be used as a nutritional source in your diet. Containing vitamins A and C[1], pumpkins are delicious as well. Think along the lines of curries, soup, ravioli, or even pumpkin muffins.


The solid exterior of the Butternut Squash hides a delicious orange flesh which makes for a great autumnal side dish. Bake it, mash it, or cube it and add to pasta, risottos or stews. Whichever method you choose, the sweet and firm veggie adds flavour and texture and is packed with nutrition. High in vitamin A, Squash also contains vitamins C, E and B6[2].


Add a pop of colour into your autumn salads with the peppery tasting radish. Juicy, crunchy and fresh, radishes are available from May to the beginning of October.

Apples and Blackberries

Working beautifully together, apple and blackberries are a healthy, sweet and tasty autumnal treat. Why not try your hand at a classic British dish with a twist: an apple pie with blackberries? You’ll be getting good amounts of vitamin C, plus antioxidants from the blackberries which may help to fight the affects of cell-damaging free radical particles on the body[3].

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  1. Great article, I love the idea about blackberries in apple pie, when you mix the different colors together you get the maximum antioxidant benefit.

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