The Top Three Home Gym Machines!

Time is a constant struggle for many people these days. Not only you have to go back and forth from work at your house, you also have to find enough time to go to your fitness center for a proper workout. But the good news is that these days there are many home gym machines that we would certainly make this job easier. With it you are able to perform a good set of exercises at the comfort of your own home without having to waste time going from place to place. Finally he in this article the top three home gym equipment that you could have at home.

The first equipment that I would like to talk about is a treadmill. Treadmills have been on the market for a long time now and without a doubt, they are by far one of the best equipment that you can have at home. The most modern treadmills will be able to give you a highly effective and complete workout with many different levels, settings and speed levels that you can set with it.

The second home gym machine that I would recommend is a good exercise bike that you could use at the comfort of your own living room. Whether you decide to get a recumbent or an upright exercise cycle, it will be up to you. But keep in mind that an upright bike will definitely save you some space in your house.

The last equipment that I would like to suggest you, is an inversion table. This is a great equipment to enable you to relax all the muscles and ligaments that encase the spine. There are many different levels that you can control depending on how comfortable you feel at it.

As you can see there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to perform a complete workout at your own home. There are many more options out there that you can choose for the perfect home gym equipment for your house. Take your time, research it and I’m confident that you find one that suits you!

Cellulite Diet Tips: Detoxify your Body and Get Rid of Cellulite

Detoxifying your body is one great way to get rid of cellulite. Though this does not promise long time removal of cellulite, this is far better than a lot of stretch mark cream products out there that are not true to their promises. A detox diet can reduce the appearance of the ugly cellulite in any part of your body. Your only part here is to stick with what this diet requires from you and your body will do the rest for you. Here are the things you need to follow in your diet for an effective cellulite management:

  • Reduce the amount of fat that you eat daily. Extra fat in the body will only increase your chances of not getting rid of cellulite. You can always go for low-fat alternative of foods that you normally eat such as low-fat dairy products in your daily cellulite diet. Rather than frying your meat, grill it so that you can cut off the visible fat present in it.
  • Drink a lot of water every day, preferably at least two liters each day. Water is the best cleanser of the body that can help flush out toxins from the body cells.
  • Munch up on fruits and vegetables every day. They contain minerals and vitamins such as fiber, antioxidants, and the like that can help not only in detoxifying but also in getting rid of cellulite directly.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation or better yet, avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. The alcohol can damage the liver, which is the body’s detoxifier. If the liver is damaged, you cannot expect that your body can flush out the toxins and handle cellulite better.
  • Make a solution of a glass of hot water with fresh lemon juice. Drink it once you get up in the morning. This is one of the simplest natural methods of detoxifying the body.
  • Stay away from caffeinated tea and coffee. Go for herbal teas and decaffeinated coffee. Or, you can go for fruit juices rather than those fizzy drinks.

It is true that the body can detoxify itself with the help of the liver. However, there is nothing wrong with helping the liver to detoxify the body better and more efficiently. After all, these are all tiny efforts that will bring you great results in the end, which is a cellulite-free body.

Get Your Greens with Smoothie Recipes!

For years we have all been hearing about how we should eat our greens.  Although we all know this, finding easy ways to do this on a daily basis can be a challenge.  Unless you love salad, it can seem almost impossible.  And, lets face it.  With all the readily available processed food on the market, it can be challenging to select healthy alternatives for everyone but the most highly dedicated.

A great way to get your daily greens is through smoothie recipes.  Research has shown that if you want to achieve the best possible absorption of the nutrients in greens, it is best for them to enter the digestive tract liquefied.  The reason for this is that the high cellulose content can make it very difficult for them to break down in the digestive tract, especially for those with low levels of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs.

Now if the idea of drinking greens makes you gag, never fear.  Green smoothie recipes most often contain some sort of fruit, which can help to mask any unpleasant taste.  Bananas specifically do a great job of hiding the smell of chlorophyll as well as the taste.

Now a good blender is key to enjoying green smoothies.  Although smoothie makers come in all price points, getting a good one is critical to your enjoyment.  Who wants a crunchy smoothie?  I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t.  Two well known brands are Vita Mix and Blend Tec, but if you don’t have $400 to spend on a blender, never fear.  The Ninja Blender gets the job done at a fraction of the cost.

By incorporating smoothies into your daily diet, you can experience optimum health and rest easy knowing your diet is filled with the vitamins and nutrients you need.  Here’s to your health!

Use The Lemonade Diet For Weight Loss like Beyonce Knowles did for Dream Girls

Beyonce Knowles, a popular entertainer, made the news several years back when she lost weight for her part in the movie ‘Dream Girls’ on the lemonade diet. The lemonade diet involve drinking nothing but lemonade for ten day straight. They are only allowed water in addition to 60 oz of lemonade daily. Some dieters have alleged they have lost as much as 20 pounds on this plan. It makes the skin clearer and cleanses the body of toxic waster matter.

For those who are think about this diet plan, they are wise to discuss it with their physician or nutritionist. The lemonade diet may be risky for certain individuals wit health conditions because it greatly limits calories. It can be a great and effective means of losing weight if did under the guidance of a doctor and used for a maximum of ten days.

If a dieter would rather lose weight with a less extreme measure, they should think about drinking smoothies.  Smoothies can easily be made in a smoothie maker. Smoothies made with fruit are loaded with fiber which is needed for proper digestion and weight loss. It also helps the body stay full and prevents the dieter from eating too much. It prevents constipation which gets rid of waste build-up. Constipation is a common cause of weight problems. Smoothies are also rich in protein, anti-oxidants and calcium required to lose weight.

A smoothie maker is useful for making smoothies at home. A smoothie maker can be bought for $30-$200 from online merchants or the local department store, any decent model will do you don’t need to buy the best smoothie maker out there. It isn’t easy to lose weight. Fortunately, a person has many options available for getting rid of unwanted pounds. They are able to choose between drinking fruit smoothies or the lemonade diet to take the weight off.

Top 4 Supplements that are a Waste of Money

Today, people have become engrossed with supplements to help them live a longer, healthier life. Companies are more than willing to mass produce a wide variety of products to meet these ever growing needs. However, not all these supplements are actually necessary. Below are four supplements that for most people are not necessary and only decrease the size of their wallet, not their waistline.

Superfruit Drinks

Many companies have taken the concept of “fruits and vegetables = health” way too far. Any one who has ever actually tasted a dragonfruit will know what I mean. A dragonfruit is wonderfully exotic to look at and has run me as much as US $8 for a single bulb; however, it is simply the most bland fruit I have ever tasted. Rarity does not a health food make.

When you pay a premium for these superfruit drinks with the imported fruits, you are not paying for any extra health benefits; you are paying for the cost of shipping those most likely underwhelming fruits to whatever domestic shore you call home. We have never had to add a letter to the alphabet to define the nutrition value of an imported fruit, and as most of these drinks are supplemented with fruits that companies know we will find tasty (apples, grapes), what is the true value of these drinks? You can most definitely forget about any superfood drink that is less than 100% all natural, and even if it is, there is nothing in that expensive drink that you can’t get from your local fruits other than the thrill of eating something from Polynesia or South Africa.

Many of the reputations of these fruits come from their preparation and are based in custom rather than any scientific evidence. Take the noni, for example, a common fruit in Polynesia, but quite exotic anywhere else. The funny thing is that the Polynesian people do not even consider this fruit edible. The few concoctions that include the noni are meant for celebrations and are steeped in tradition, much like chitlands (the feet of a pig) for some families in the Southern United States. They do not in any way taste good.

It is the American companies which are adding a bunch of sugar to exotic fruits like these and selling them as one size fits all health supplements. Don’t believe the hype.

Protein Powders

Protein, in all its forms, from soy to hemp to whey, is no less meant to be separated and “refined” on its own than water is from a melon. Especially in developed countries, marketing schemes have been able to create the problem that we somehow do not get enough protein in our every day meals to build a healthy body, especially if we are trying to do something athletic. However, all one has to do is look back to times before there were any supplements – somehow people have always been able to build strong, lean, aesthetically pleasing bodies even before supplements existed. Does that huge intimidating jar sitting in our cupboard meant more for our musculature or for our ego?

Any nutrition authority will tell you that it is not even necessary to eat meat to obtain all the protein you need to build or maintain a healthy, muscular body. It can be obtained solely from vegetables and fruits, if so desired.

Green Drinks or Powders

Green has an association with humans in general as being “of the earth” and therefore healthy. Little wonder then, that many “nutrition” companies go out of their way to color their drinks green, or include lots of things that are colored green to sell a notion of health in a supplement.

Green vegetables, some green algae, and grass can be healthy for us in small doses, with a proper balance of other nutrients. However, we are not cows. We have no need to graze to obtain maxmium health. As a matter of fact, you gain that same nutrition from eating the cow that ate the grass, and is better able to metabolize it into the nutrients that we actually need.

There is a reason that grass and algae do not taste good to us: Different organisms require different things to maintain health. Plants photosynthesize our carbon dioxide into nourishment – oxygen is their waste product. But if you start inhaling pure carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, the results will not impress you.

Green vegetables that taste good to the palette, like spinach, lettuce, celery, and parsley are the green things to focus on putting in your mouth.

Once a Day Multivitamins

Though the multivitamin that you take every day so religiously with the egg whites, plain toast and skim milk breakfast may truthfully say that it contains 1000% of the daily intake value for everything, there is a reason that you do not instantly feel like Superman upon intaking said vitamin. Quite simply, the body is not made to synthesize pure vitamins and minerals, and will only retain from 1 to 10% of the total value of each vitamin inside the tablet.

What is worse, the body tends to synthesize the fattening portions of the multivitamin more readily than the other parts, so taking two will not help. You will only retain the worst parts of anything you intake.

What is the Bottom Line?

When it comes to personal health, realize the difference between a marketing campaign designed to make you think that you are suddenly missing out on some vital nutrient, and a hole in your nutrition that you really need to fix. Every supplement has a natural alternative, and as the body is used to eating FOOD, not synthesizing supplements, natural is usually the way to go. Some supplements have their place, but in moderation.

In this modern world of mobile everything and super efficiency, people are always on the go. However, it is essential that you take time out of life to take care of the most important aspect of your life – your health. It is quite true that you can’t do much of anything without your body.


Author Bio: Angela is a freelance writer for a fitness site. She loves to help other people get into the best shape of their lives. If she is not at the gym, she can be found biking in the woods.

A Clearer Path to Fat Loss

When you are trying to lose weight things can get jumbled and confusing. It’s hard to stay focused because there are so many mixed messages and some of them will be coming from your own brain. People will be telling you one method of fat loss that works better, while diet companies will claim that they have products to make the process much easier.

You might hear advice from friends who have managed to lose weight and let’s not forget the abundance of tips and tricks available on the Internet. It can be very easy for people to jump from one technique to the next while spreading themselves too thin. One thing to remember about fat loss is that it is a biological and scientific process with basic rules. If you are able to work within these rules than your body will naturally respond by burning fat. Sometimes it helps to concentrate on a more concise way of eating and exercise so that you don’t get distracted from things that bring you success.

Most people focus on food when it comes to fat loss but where they put that focus isn’t always in the right place. There is no need to turn yourself into a vegetarian or to rely solely on “fat-free” foods to comprise your overall diet. In fact, if you go too far in one direction then you run the risk of missing out on valuable nutrition. It’s good to stay away from foods high in cholesterol that contain unnecessary calories, but you won’t be doing yourself any favors if you replace them with an eating plan that doesn’t meet all your dietary needs. Sometimes it helps to rebuild things from the ground up and that might mean taking a careful inventory of your daily menu and starting from scratch. Find out what you actually enjoy eating and slowly build up an eating plan that you can actually look forward to.

Exercise is also something that you can gradually build up towards. A lot of people go full force in the first few weeks of their fat loss program and end up burning themselves out. Remember that any bit of activity is better than nothing which is why walking is a great place to start. Build up your endurance and explore different types of exercise and remember that daily activity can actually be fun. Involve your friends, sign up for a workout class, or place and team sports in order to burn some calories. Rather than expecting overnight results it can help to take small steps that eventually lead up to a more comprehensive path to a trimmer body.