Why Buy Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy Table?

Inversion tables are worthwhile investments. Not only that they will help you to permanently treat back pain and provide you all the amazing benefits of inversion therapy but it will also save you from the expensive cost of pain killers, visiting a chiropractor or therapist, and going through invasive surgeries.

In addition, if you have always wanted to stay fit you just don’t have all the time to go to the gym to have workout, you can also combine workout and inversion therapy at the same time. All you need is a more advanced inversion table which will support your needs just like the Ironman ATIS 1000.

While it is true that more advanced machines are generally expensive, the Ironman ATIS 1000 is reasonably priced at only $197. With its great quality and amazing features, it is really worth the cost and it will surely give more value for your money. Let us take a closer look.

Why Buy Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy Table?

If you are thinking of buying a more advanced inversion table at a great price, the Ironman ATIS 1000 is the best pick. It features Smart Gear System instead of Tether strap which will allow you to lock the table in 10 different angles and its Scale Locking System will keep your ankles securely in place during inversion.

In addition, it is well – built and constructed with an extra – wide tubular steel frame with rubber floor stabilizers, nylon covered bed with memory foam pillow, foam – padded ankle cushions, and extra – long safety handles.

Its frame is adjustable to fit users up to 6’6” tall and weighing up to 300 pounds. Now, if these features aren’t enough for you, look closely because this table is also equipped with Ab and Core Training System which will allow you to incorporate ab workout while you are hanging upside down so it will allow you the benefits of ab exercises and inversion therapy with just a few minutes of inversion each day.

Fast Ways To Spice Up Your Fitness Plan

If you feel like you’re getting bored of the same old workouts over and over again, it’s time to take a good look at what you can do to shake things up and improve the results you get.  Regularly changing around your workout programs is going to be key to seeing ongoing success because this is what will keep your body responding and you seeing constant progress.

Those who simply go to the gym and perform the same routine over again are not only more likely to drop off due to the boredom issue, but are more likely to hit a plateau.

Any of the following tips will work perfectly to solve this problem.  Simply add one or two into your next workout and see how your body responds. You may want to stick with any given technique for a few week’s time or continually interchange the following techniques throughout your workout week.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for certain and that is that you will see significantly better results because of it.

So let’s get to it and show you exactly what you should be doing to boost your fitness success.

Add Some Supersets

The very first way to spice up your workouts is to add in some superset training. This is where you’re going to perform one exercise and then immediately after that’s finished you’ll move right into the next.

Then, once both are completed you can take 30-60 seconds to rest before completing your second and possibly third round.

This technique will help to cut down on the total time you spend in the gym during each workout session and will help boost your muscle’s ability to tolerate fatigue as well.

As an added benefit, it’s also one of the best methods to increase your metabolic rate.

Reverse The Order

The second quick tip to help you get more from your workout program is to reverse the order of the exercises that you perform.  So rather than starting with your squats and then moving to your bench press, and then to your shoulder press, try going shoulder press, bench press, squats.

Just a simple change like this can offer huge benefits as it’s placing the muscles in a scenario they aren’t used to.

Just note that you should group your compound and isolated exercises together as even with this technique, isolation exercises should still be performed after compound movements.

Drop That Weight

The third way that you can boost your workout success is to use drop weight sets. This is great for enhancing muscle tone and definition, increasing fat burning, and helping you get stronger fast.

To perform this technique, you perform one set at the normal weight that you typically use, and them immediately after it’s finished, you drop the weight five pounds and perform your next set.  Once that set is complete, drop the weight one more time and push through a third set.

Once three sets are completed, then you can take your must-needed rest period.

Insert Abdominal And Core Movements

Finally, the last method to spice up your workouts so you can see even greater benefits is to add core or ab exercises in between each main exercise you do.

This will ensure that the workout is giving you a fantastic ab workout while also helping you be more productive during your downtime.

It’s a great way to shorten up the workout for those who are on the go.

So there you have the key tips that you must be sure you’re using as you go about your workout routine to fight back against a progress plateau and make things more interesting. Which will you use?


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