Committing to Veganism

Becoming a vegan is major decision in a person’s life. It means being committed to an ideal that a greater portion of the world’s population will not see in the same light as you do. Most of us enjoy eating meat and foodstuffs that came from animals but a vegan will never touch anything that has animal ingredients in it, no matter how small the portion is. This idealism is what attracted me to become a vegan when I first encountered it. The first vegan that I got to know personally was a classmate of mine in one of my art subjects in college. His name was Mark and there was nothing remarkable about him when I first saw him. He was just like the rest of us in that class, a young man struggling to finish his education.

When he got up to introduce himself to the class he mentioned that he was a vegan. I had to ask my seat mate what a vegan is. When I was properly informed I was impressed with Mark. I saw him as a person who has the courage to stand up for what he believes in.

I befriended Mark after that and the more I got to know him the more that I was impressed with the courage of his convictions. That admiration was the main cause for my own desire to start practicing veganism. I wanted to know if I could gain a strength of character as strong as his.

It was not an easy journey for me, but I have been able transform my life. I have been a vegan now for more than ten years. Now for me backsliding is a very remote possibility. I believe in animal rights and everything that it stands for and so I know that I will be vegan until the day I die.

Keeping Fit This Winter

Keeping fit in the winter is arguably a lot harder than in the summer and this is down to the obstacles that you face when it comes to the winter. Don’t think that there are any obstacles out there? Let me explain this in a bit more detail and you will see that you are quite wrong.

The Weather

It would seem that going outside in the summer and having a jog down a nice beach route is one thing but stepping out in the freezing cold with rain pouring down when it is also pitch black is something else. You can certainly understand why people would not want to step out and run in weather like this. You can already see why people are not too bothered about going out for a run in the winter but what about exercising indoors?

Indoor Exercise

Although this sounds like it wouldn’t be any different to the summer you will find that because of days like Halloween, Thanksgiving (in the US of course) and Christmas it becomes difficult to actually lose any weight and it is because these holidays throw food at us and demand that we eat a lot of it too. In the UK you have Guy Fawkes Night added to this list too and there is a lot of food consumed on this night usually.

How Can You Beat It?

Just because exercising in the winter is tough it does not mean that you cannot do it and keep in shape and the one piece of advice I would give is to keep at your normal regime as much as possible as this will ensure you are not putting on any weight.

Go To Gaming?

Don’t forget games like Wii Fit and the games that have just recently come out for Kinect that are based around Fitness as these can really get the hearth pumping and can contribute massively to you keeping your personal goal this winter.

The main point to take away from this is that if you keep at it, even if you change your regime slightly you will stay on top of things.

Ryan is an internet marketer working for a company dealing with Gap Insurance. You can find him on Twitter @ryanogs.