Super Charge Your Body Cleanse With Fruits

Super Charge Your Body Cleanse With Fruits

Summer is just around the corner, and people all across the world are making the commitment to start anew and cleanse their bodies. The growing trend that is popularly called the “Green Movement” has inspired millions of people to live lifestyles that not only help protect and preserve the environment, but themselves as well. If you have never utilized a body cleansing system before, then congratulations on making the decision to do so. To help you catch up in the game, follow the following eating tips and your cleansing process will be much more effective.

The secret to maximizing the benefits of your body cleanse is to make fruits a solid part of your daily eating lifestyle. It should not be a surprise to anyone to learn that we do not get enough fruits in our daily diets. However, it is often the simple and easy things that we ignore and forget to put into practice. To understand how crucial this food group is for cleansing, we first need to understand how it helps help the body.

On their own, fruits play a variety of roles in supporting our bodies. They are the natural sugars that nature has provided for us to use for energy and to operate our bodies efficiently. In our society, we have switched natural healthy sugars for artificially manufactured and processed sweeteners that we pump into all types of food products.

Have you ever felt completely energized throughout the entire day after drinking a can soda? Probably not, but perhaps you did when you woke up early for a jog and had a fruit smoothie after wards. Likewise, it is rare to hear about someone who is overweight because he or she eats sweet fruits all day long. Natural sugars do not cause health problems because the body knows how to use them as energy. Artificial sugars get stored as fat in the body.

To make a long story short, fruits give the body the right type of sugar and fuel it needs to make it through the day. For an individual interested in living a healthy lifestyle, this is extremely important. Switching out processed and sugar snack foods with actual fruits will allow you to complete your exercise program, handle the day’s activities, reduce stress caused by fatigue, help you sleep better, and so much more. Imagine a week without your favorite snack foods. If you can see yourself reacting badly, then that is major sign that something is wrong.

Now we are able to tie the necessity of a fruit rich diet with the process of cleansing our bodies. When we cleanse, we will be eliminating the excessive chemicals that we put into our bodies each and every day. Because of the fruits that you will be consuming, your body will easily find a new source of energy to keep things running smoothly. The cleansing process, in addition with a fruit focused diet, will help your body unlearn its bad habits and will teach it to use natural sugars for its energy needs.

I have never met anyone who did not like fruit salad, so that will the primary “tool” that we will use to start eating more fruit. This fruit salad will be very basic, and will avoid extra sugars such as sweetened shredded coconut, syrups, extra sugar, etc. To start, pick out a few apples, strawberries, oranges, pineapples, etc. Use an electric knife sharpener to get your blade as sharp as possible, and cut up your fruit into little bite size pieces. Place the pieces into a plastic container, cover, and refrigerate until very cold. In addition to the dieting tips recommended by your body cleansing program, consume a healthy portion of this fruit salad at least once per day.

Do you have your own tips for eating healthy during a body cleansing program? Please share and discuss your tips in the comments section below.

Losing Weight through Cleansing

Losing Weight through Cleansing

Build up of toxic wastes in the liver and Fatty tissue may impede weight loss. Toxin deposits can lead to weight gain by repressing traditional weight loss efforts. Purifying the body of these toxic wastes will not only make you slimmer, but fitter and healthier too.

For those that are not familiar with the concept of cleansing, it may seem confuting to traditional weight loss techniques. Cleansing is not about counting your calories or restricting your hunger, instead it affects the body in a diverse way. Cleansing involves eating the right foods and taking supplements to purify your body of the toxic wastes that get stored in different organs such as liver or in the fatty tissues.

The Pattern of Weight Gain and Loss:

The scheme of weight gain and loss is simple; the body stores excess calories in the form of fats and when there is a food deficit, this stored fat is mobilized to fulfill energy requirements. This means that the body weight depends upon

  • An individual’s particular metabolic rate
  • His/Her daily food consumption

According to the new holistic approach, weight gain does not occur due to the calories; instead, it is the result of toxic chemicals present in our environment and in our food. Things such as pesticides, preservatives, artificial colors, added sweeteners etc.

How our Body deals with Toxins:

Nature has gifted our body some intricate systems to wash out the metabolic waste products. These toxins are excreted through colon, liver, lungs, skin and kidneys. However, when exposed to large amounts of such chemicals on a regular basis (food additives, air and water pollution etc.), the body may not be able to detoxify them properly.

These undetoxified chemicals are deposited in different body organs, mainly the liver, or are quarantined in the adipose (fatty) tissue.

Why Dieting is not always effective:

According to the above-mentioned theory, the body isolates the uneliminated toxins in the form of fats; therefore, a quick weight loss diet that does not help the body get rid of these toxins would be of short-term benefit only.

Cleansing is essential for a stable weight loss, as with out it, any weight loss effort would result in mobilization of stored fat, releasing the isolated toxins into the blood circulation. This affects the body in a negative way causing headaches, dizzines, fatigue, lethargy and other undesired effects.

To maintain its physiology, the body tends to quarantine the uneliminated toxins in fats, re-acquiring the lost weight, once the dieting is over.

A slimmer forever body through cleansing:

To shed off the extra pound for good, one needs to cleanse the body of the harmful toxins. To achieve this, the following protocole would help.


  • Avoid DIETS:

Not the good one’s though. However, common diet drinks and sugar free junk is loaded with artificial food additives that undermine your efforts for achieving a slimmer figure.

  • No WHITE:

Avoid white bread, white sugar, and white flour, as they are excessively refined and processed.


The artificial sweeteners in low calorie diets are more harmful than refined sugars. Go for healthier sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup, which not only prevent weight gain but also aid the pancreas by maintaining blood sugar levels.


  • Eat MORE:

Instead of slowing down your metabolism by eating less, speed it up with the help of natural, easily processed sugars, and the abundant supply of enzymes found in raw fruits and vegetables. A well-maintained metabolic rate helps in clearing up fats and stored toxins.

  • Eat NATURAL:

Go for organic fruits and vegetables. The non-organic variety contains pesticides that add up to the toxins in the body.


Eat healthy. Use more antioxidants as they not only aid weight loss but also promote better health. Use lots of fresh lemons, berries, raw virgin olive oil, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.