The Most Common Causes of Daytime Fatigue

Fatigue is something that many people face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, our lifestyles may be to blame for many of the causes of daytime fatigue. Whether it’s being overworked, not getting enough sleep or eating the wrong foods, there are many reasons for daytime fatigue. The following are just a few of the most common causes.

Lack of Sleep

We live hectic lives, which means we often get in bed late and get up early. While the recommended amount of sleep varies from 7-9 hours, many Americans are running on 6 or less hours of sleep each night. Even those that get a couple more hours sleep may still experience disrupted sleep due to noisy neighbors, sleep apena or a dog that really needs to go out. Regardless of the reason, a night of disrupted sleep can be just as bad as getting too little sleep.

Poor Nutrition

Another common cause of daytime fatigue is poor nutrition. Many of us don’t feed our bodies in order to fuel them. Instead we feed our bodies to satisfy emotions. While a double cheeseburger and fries may make you happy, it will not make your body happy. You need to eat healthy foods in proper portions in order to stay healthy and energized.


Many common illnesses, including the flu and common cold, cause fatigue. If you start to feel tired and run down, it may be the first symptom of a cold. If it’s cold and flu season, do yourself a favor and go to the store at the first sign of fatigue to purchase medicine.

Being Overworked

Many people also experience daytime fatigue because they don’t take enough time for themselves. If you find yourself working overtime, doing weekend errands and never taking a moment to breathe, you will probably experience fatigue. To prevent this from happening, you may need to say no to a few things.


Last, but certainly not least, depression is a very common cause of daytime fatigue. Those suffering from depression may not even want to get out of bed. If you’re experiencing this symptom, it may be time to see your doctor. The doctor will be able to run blood work to determine whether or not the fatigue is caused by low iron, the thyroid or if it may be depression.

Daytime fatigue is more common than many people believe. The good news is that the most common causes result from actions that can be changed. Eating healthier, getting enough sleep and learning to take time for yourself may give you the boost you need.

About the Author: Davida Willner is an EKG technician who one day hopes to continue her education so that she can work in a sleep lab. Make sure you talk to your doctor if you are chronically tired. Fatigue can be a sign of an underlying problem.

Curing the Common Cold

The common cold or the viral upper respiratory tract infection is perhaps one of the most common infections. It is a viral infection that affects your nose and throat. There are several viruses that can cause a cold, but the usual symptom is a running nose. This happens to be one of the most contagious diseases amongst humans, but it does not last for a long time. The common cold will get out of the system within a week or ten days. The disease is spread by direct contact, from one person to another. For example – If a person has sneezed and another person touches the secretion, there is a chance of developing the disease. The virus can spread via objects that the infected person has touched or used as well, such as, pen, keyboard, mobile, plates, cups or spoons. Usually children are more prone to developing a cold than adults. This is because they can easily get infected with the virus. Since the cold can be a frequent occurrence for many, it is important to avoid and cure it as much as possible. This article will help you understand the causes and symptoms of cold, and also give you tips on how to cure a cold.

Causes of common cold –

There are several viruses that cause cold, but usually they all have similar symptoms. The most common viruses that cause cold include –


The usual symptoms of this disease are –

3.Stuffy nose

Since there are several viruses that can cause a cold, the symptoms can differ slightly. A common misconception is that cold weather causes this condition. This is not true, the common cold can occur at any time of the year.

Avoiding the cold –

Complete immunization against the cold is not easy, but a person can stop the cold from increasing, and make the situation more comfortable. It is not possible to get rid of all the conditions, as there is no specific medication to cure them all. It is practically impossible to cure a cold, but there are several remedies to make use of.

There are certain steps one can take to avoid the common cold –

1.Wash your hands thoroughly as often as possible. This is beneficial because washing the hands with soap will kill any bacteria, germs or viruses and reduce the idea of you contracting the disease.
2.Vitamin supplements can also be taken to improve the body’s immune system. Vitamin D and C are effective for this purpose.
3.Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help make your body stronger, and your immune system more effective.

How to cure a cold –

Once you have contracted the cold, there are a few things you can do to reduce the symptoms.

1.Drink lots of fluids, as it is important to keep yourself hydrated.
2.Taking rest is also essential, as it will help you to recover faster.
3.Avoiding heavy, cold or spicy food is also a good idea, as this gives more work for your body.

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