Losing Weight through Cleansing

Losing Weight through Cleansing

Build up of toxic wastes in the liver and Fatty tissue may impede weight loss. Toxin deposits can lead to weight gain by repressing traditional weight loss efforts. Purifying the body of these toxic wastes will not only make you slimmer, but fitter and healthier too.

For those that are not familiar with the concept of cleansing, it may seem confuting to traditional weight loss techniques. Cleansing is not about counting your calories or restricting your hunger, instead it affects the body in a diverse way. Cleansing involves eating the right foods and taking supplements to purify your body of the toxic wastes that get stored in different organs such as liver or in the fatty tissues.

The Pattern of Weight Gain and Loss:

The scheme of weight gain and loss is simple; the body stores excess calories in the form of fats and when there is a food deficit, this stored fat is mobilized to fulfill energy requirements. This means that the body weight depends upon

  • An individual’s particular metabolic rate
  • His/Her daily food consumption

According to the new holistic approach, weight gain does not occur due to the calories; instead, it is the result of toxic chemicals present in our environment and in our food. Things such as pesticides, preservatives, artificial colors, added sweeteners etc.

How our Body deals with Toxins:

Nature has gifted our body some intricate systems to wash out the metabolic waste products. These toxins are excreted through colon, liver, lungs, skin and kidneys. However, when exposed to large amounts of such chemicals on a regular basis (food additives, air and water pollution etc.), the body may not be able to detoxify them properly.

These undetoxified chemicals are deposited in different body organs, mainly the liver, or are quarantined in the adipose (fatty) tissue.

Why Dieting is not always effective:

According to the above-mentioned theory, the body isolates the uneliminated toxins in the form of fats; therefore, a quick weight loss diet that does not help the body get rid of these toxins would be of short-term benefit only.

Cleansing is essential for a stable weight loss, as with out it, any weight loss effort would result in mobilization of stored fat, releasing the isolated toxins into the blood circulation. This affects the body in a negative way causing headaches, dizzines, fatigue, lethargy and other undesired effects.

To maintain its physiology, the body tends to quarantine the uneliminated toxins in fats, re-acquiring the lost weight, once the dieting is over.

A slimmer forever body through cleansing:

To shed off the extra pound for good, one needs to cleanse the body of the harmful toxins. To achieve this, the following protocole would help.


  • Avoid DIETS:

Not the good one’s though. However, common diet drinks and sugar free junk is loaded with artificial food additives that undermine your efforts for achieving a slimmer figure.

  • No WHITE:

Avoid white bread, white sugar, and white flour, as they are excessively refined and processed.


The artificial sweeteners in low calorie diets are more harmful than refined sugars. Go for healthier sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup, which not only prevent weight gain but also aid the pancreas by maintaining blood sugar levels.


  • Eat MORE:

Instead of slowing down your metabolism by eating less, speed it up with the help of natural, easily processed sugars, and the abundant supply of enzymes found in raw fruits and vegetables. A well-maintained metabolic rate helps in clearing up fats and stored toxins.

  • Eat NATURAL:

Go for organic fruits and vegetables. The non-organic variety contains pesticides that add up to the toxins in the body.


Eat healthy. Use more antioxidants as they not only aid weight loss but also promote better health. Use lots of fresh lemons, berries, raw virgin olive oil, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

What is the 1500 Calorie Diet?

What is the 1500 Calorie Diet?

The 1500 Calorie Diet can be termed as a low fat food chart. This diet is extremely healthy, simple and good for heart. It is an ideal diet for those people who have complete and balanced food. For a successful undertaking of this diet chart, you need to keep in mind the following simple tenets:

Essential Tenets:

Tenet 1:

You should plan the meal in advance, for example, the night prior to the particular day. You should be prepared to keep low-fat food all the time for urgent availability so that they are never substituted with high-fat foods, which are not even mentioned in the list of dishes or on the grocery catalog of the 1500-calorie diet chart. The list is as follows:

Meat or fish:

1) 28 ounces of chicken breast (white meat)

2) 15 ounces of turkey breast (white meat)

3) 35 ounces of broiled Halibut


Seven medium-sized oranges, apples and bananas


Broccoli (seven stems)


1) One cup of regular Mayo with salt

2) Seven cups of milk containing two percent fat

3) Seven tablespoons of fluid cream


1) Seven cups of white rice

2) Whole wheat bread (14 slices)

Tenet 2:

Instead of consuming three big meals as per the 1500-calorie diet chart, it is advisable to have four to six small meals all through the day.

Tenet 3:

You should take time to enjoy your meal. Don’t swallow the food in 15 minutes. That doesn’t also mean that you need to extend it for two and half hours. Just take your time and enjoy the meal regardless of the amount of time it takes to consume the meal.

Tenet 4:

You should never forget to calculate the calories consumed during the 1500-calorie diet. Healthier foodstuffs are the best food options, so make sure that you pick a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, low-calorie or fatless dairy products, whole grain cereals and low-fat meat and fish.

Tenet 5:

Consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This serves as a premium method for a dieter pursuing a low-fat meal chart accompanied by a healthy 1500-calorie diet. You can start by consuming five vegetable and fruit meals a day.

Tenet 6:

High-sugar and high-fat foodstuffs should be avoided since they contain high levels of calories. Candy bars, pastries or candies are some examples.

Dieters are required to allocate their 1500-calorie diet chart in the following method:

1) Breakfast should be of 299 calories

2) Morning snack should contain 234 calories

3) Lunch should comprise of 377.5 calories

4) Afternoon snack should be of 134 calories

5) Dinner should contain 509 calories.

Grapefruit Diet Takes Just 12 Days

Grapefruit Diet Takes Just 12 Days

The easiest method to reduce fats is by following the 12-day grapefruit diet. A chief constituent of grapefruit diet is beta-carotene which is present in grapefruits and helps in reducing the cholesterol levels in one’s system.

12-day grapefruit diet is known by another name – the heart health diet. The unique feature of this kind of diet is that it permits individuals to have everything without avoiding any food. This diet produces better results when one consumes more food.


The grapefruit diet chart of just 12 days is the only diet chart which permits a person to consume until he is full. As he consumes more food, more fats get reduced in his body. The common requirements of the 12-day grapefruit diet are:

1) Nearly eight glasses of water should be consumed by individuals daily.

2) One should eat a lot of food and not avoid it.

3) The amount of grapefruit consumption should not alter at all.

4) One might have to lower their desserts and coffee intake.

5) One is allowed to have meat and also foodstuffs fried in butter.

6) One is required to follow this diet chart for 12 days continuously without fail.

Grapefruit intake throughout the day

Since grapefruit is the key food item in this diet, individuals following this diet chart are required to consume grapefruits at appropriate times. For breakfast, they have to eat half grapefruit or drink one glass of unsweetened juice along with plain coffee or tea. Individuals may also consume two pieces of bacon and eggs.

A half grapefruit and two eggs are the best choice for lunch. One may also have salad made of cucumber and tomato accompanied by vinegar, herbs and lemon apart from the grapefruit and eggs. Individuals may also drink coffee or plain tea with a slice of dry Melba toast.

Dinner for the 12-day grapefruit diet chart comprises of a half grapefruit or grapefruit juice without sugar. Besides that, one can also consume ham, chicken, beef or pieces of lean pork and green vegetables. For snacks, before going to bed, one may opt for a glass of milk without cream or tomato juice.

The dieters should not have breads, sweet potatoes, hot dogs, mayonnaise, white vegetables, chilies and pickles. They need to follow this diet chart continuously for 12 days and then stop it for two days.

It depends on the individual whether he will continue following the 12-day grapefruit diet chart after two days. To achieve the best outcome, one needs to pursue this diet chart for about 75 days. To know if any change is required in the diet chart or further assistance, the dietician should be consulted.

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