The Benefits Of Green Vegetables To Your Health and Body Weight

If you’re looking to speed up the process of weight loss while also maximizing your overall health, you can’t go wrong with adding more green vegetables to your diet. Far too many people are not consuming as many vegetables as they should which is a real shame because they do offer so many positive benefits.

Let’s have a look at all the reasons why green vegetables will help your health and body weight.

Low In Calories

One of the first reasons why green vegetables are a must for anyone wanting to lose weight is because they are very low in calories.  For most green vegetables you’re looking at under 20 calories per cup which as you can clearly see will not put a dent in your diet.

You can virtually eat these green vegetables in unlimited proportions without it causing you a set back in terms of your weight loss.

High In Fiber

The second reason why green vegetables are a must for your health and body weight are because they are incredibly high in fiber.  Fiber is necessary to help your digestive system stay on track and keep you regular, which is vital for overall good health.

Fiber rich foods also help to control blood sugar levels better, which is vital when aiming to lose body fat so you don’t have those wild swings in energy levels all the time.

Fill You Up Quickly

The third reason to include green vegetables in your diet to lose weight is because they will fill you up quickly.  This is partially due to the fact they do contain so much dietary fiber but also because they have a high level of volume without a lot of calories as well.

The stomach can only hold so much food at once so when you fill up with green vegetables, you’ll be putting a dent in your hunger quickly.

Are Easy To Prepare

Another great benefit of green vegetables is that they are very easy to prepare. Some people complain that they don’t have time to eat their vegetables but really it doesn’t take much to cut up some broccoli and steam it in a pot of water or toss some spinach leaves into a big bowl with some low-calorie salad dressing.

The main thing is just making sure that you have enough green vegetables on hand to include them in your day in the first place. If you don’t have them at home, you won’t eat them.

Protect Against Disease

Finally, the last reason why adding green vegetables to your diet is a must is because they will help protect you against disease.  From cancer to diabetes, green vegetables contain a number of different nutrients that are vital for protecting you against the harmful free radicals that come into contact with the body on a daily basis.

So be sure that you’re including plenty of fresh or frozen green vegetables in your diet if you want to increase the results you see and feel better at the same time.

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  1. I love vegetables, because they help everybody to improve weight loss, they are made for a weight loss!
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  2. Maybe you don’t like green vegetables that much,but it is no denying that these green vegetables will do good to your health.

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  3. I love green veggies. My kids are even fans of them because we have always eaten them. I have to wonder what their friends think when they rave about the peppers and celery and stuff in their lunch.

    I would have to say though that i do worry about losing nutrients in cooking vegetables but they would be just as good tasting raw.
    .-= Fitness Guy´s last blog ..Fat Burning Furnace Review =-.

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