The Health Benefits of Oranges

This fruit is native to the country of the mandarins. The orange was widespread in Syria and Egypt since the beginning of the Christian era. Its culture began to expand in Europe during the first crusades.

Health benefits of oranges

The curative qualities of the orange were known and appreciated in the 13th century, when it was prescribed to patients as a way to improve their general health.

To list the properties of the orange first means to remember its mineralizing qualities: it is a large repository of minerals – especially calcium – this fruit strengthens the body by stimulating natural immunity and fighting infectious diseases. The whole body uses calcium. The composition of this food makes it perfect for growing children, anemic people, with fever, convalescent.

Liver, kidneys and intestines are the organs that the orange stimulates and if these organs work properly the body is cleaned of toxins. This detoxifying property is due to its potassium contents. Nevertheless, this is not all it does … it helps in weight loss diets and if you want to get a flat stomach use oranges in juicing recipes because it becomes easier to absorb and you can also combine it with other nutrients.

Making an orange diet actually means you are getting an anti-aging treatment, in the full meaning of the word. The beautiful courtesan Ninon Lenclos assigned her eternal youth to the orange.

The orange must be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach – to the extent that is tolerated by the stomach – and before lunch and dinner.

Be patient, sometimes one or two months are needed to achieve cure result.

However, Raymond Dextreit believes that a good detox is possible in three days by consuming only oranges.

This fruit is beneficial for those suffering from thrombosis, capillary fragility, and people with thick blood.

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