Free Acai Berry Trials – April 2009

Acai Berry Blast – Free Trial (US & International)

Acai Berry Blast is the world’s #1 SUPERFOOD! This breakthrough new formula combines the scientific research with the amazing anti-oxidant power of acai berries!

Acai Burn – Weight Loss Supplement- Free Trial

It’s an Acai offer, from the makers of Wu-Yi Source! Let’s see if they can make Acai work as well as they do for Green Tea. And this pill-form Acai supposedly helps you lose weight as well.

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Professional Golfers Taking Acai Berry on Tour

Professional Golfers Taking Acai Berry on Tour

In the most recent edition of Golf Digest, a number of professional golfers are being reported to use a supplement that is a combination of five Amazon superfoods including Acai Berry. The new health drink they are using and recommending to other golfers is called VaNu, a product from the Dallas based company Fountain of Life.

PGA, LPGA, And Senior Tour Players

Players Camilo Villegas and Mike Weir and the world’s greatest golf instructor David Leadbetter are the three reported users of the Acai Berry products while the company CEO claims this … Read more at Cleanse Body

Other Acai Berry Products

South Beach Acai

South Beach Acai – The New Revolutionary Weight Loss System.

With South Beach Acai, you can wash out up to 25 lbs of waste and toxins from your body. The use of South Beach Acai will give you extra energy and help wrestle fatigue. It normalizes cholesterol levels and promotes improved sleep. South Beach Acai will also help pick up mental clarity and focus as well as improving your digestive system.

Acai Berry Ultimate

The hottest new cleanse diet to hit the market is the Acai Berry cleanse! The Acai Berry is considered a “super food” for … Read more at Cleanse Body